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Are you having trouble training your pup?

The Sidekick® is here to help! This revolutionary tool from Heather's Heroes® is the most effective way to address excitement, fear, anxiety, leash reactivity, and aggression. Everyone wants a calm and happy pup, but it can be difficult to get there. That's where The Sidekick®, the original Transitional Leash®, comes in. This 3-in-1 leash and head collar works with pressure point on the bridge of the dog's nose - to remind them that this isn't appropriate behavior when they're getting rowdy. With simple gentle upward pressure on the leash, you'll notice your pup calming down and understanding that this particular behavior is not acceptable.

At our training facility, K9 Lifeline, we use The Sidekick® day in and day out to help train dogs of all temperaments. Instead of just controlling or managing misbehaving pups, you can actually teach them what behaviors are acceptable - strengthening the bond between you two even more along the way! With The Sidekick® in your corner, hope is returned to even the wildest pups out there – start building a better tomorrow with your pup now!

Awarded 2nd Place in the New Product Showcase at the 2022 Global Pet Expo!

To receive detailed instructions on how to use The Sidekick click HERE.

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Choose between the Regular size (3/8" in diameter), that will fit most dogs over 10 lbs., and the Mini (1/4" in diameter), for dogs of all sizes, but preferred for dogs under 25lbs as adults.

The leashes are 6 feet long with a 10-inch handle. Your Sidekick® will come with a safety.

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Innovative and Gentle, Making Dogs and Their Humans Happy

By design, the Sidekick® is a tool that aids in transforming the human and dog relationship from confusion, frustration, disrespect, or total absence into relationships of respect and clear understanding. With proper application and dedicated practice, the gentle fit of the Sidekick® can help calm your pup and allow for a positive and respectful connection.

Why the Sidekick®?

Pup-Comfort Technology

Our leashes are handmade with your pup’s comfort in mind. Using the softest, stretchiest materials, this leash is strong, but flexible and gentle on your pup’s skin.

Recommended by Professionals

Used by trainers and professionals across the globe, The Sidekick® has been proven to be a useful training tool.

Lifetime Support

We are proud of the tools we offer and we stand behind them. Need additional help? We're here to support you through your training journey, so reach out to us at any time.

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