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Become Your Dog's Hero
Heather's Heroes® is a world famous producer of dog training tools. Located in beautiful Utah, we design, develop, produce, and proof several "dog approved" products. These tools help develop better human and dog relationships.
The Sidekick®
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First Choice for Professionals, Owners, and Dogs

By providing tools, methods and education to dog professionals and owners Heather’s Heroes® strives to see human and dog relationships transform from confusion, frustration, disrespect, or total absence into relationships of respect and clear understanding. Our mission is to save lives by keeping dogs in homes and out of shelters. Become your dog’s hero today!

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Why Heather's Heroes®?

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Innovative & Gentle

Our products are the most innovative and gentle multi-purpose, no pull, training tools on the market.

We Give Back

Through our #oneleashonelife program, we work closely with shelters, rescues, and service organizations to help them receive free and discounted training leashes to help their dogs become the best they can be!

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Lifetime Support

We combine the best of quality, innovation, education, and effectiveness by offering a lifetime support for any purchases made with us.

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